How To Get A Good Physique In Five Months Without Supplements?

If you plan 5 months wisely you can easily get positive and satisfying results in achieving Good Physique.

You must make sure that all your body parts are being exercised regularly. In the initial 2 weeks do mix exercises, two exercise of each body part. For example two for biceps, two for chest and so on. Once your body gets used to it from the 3rd week you can start doing one body part each day.

Start by doing 3 sets of each exercise and do 5 specific exercises for each body part for the next 1 month, but during this month keep changing the exercises that you do.

Once you are successfully through this go for advanced training, lift heavy weights increase the number of sets to 4. With the weights increasing you can reduce the number of reps that you do. Make sure it lies between 8–12.

During this whole course make sure that you are able to maintain a diet which consists of an adequate amount of proteins and avoid junk food as much as possible. Increase the intake of protein rich foods and you will definitely see the results soon.

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