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Technology Abuse - Using Multiple things at one time

All the technology they talk about is for Connecting people but in actual its increasing polarization, isolation, and loneliness. Most importantly for using technology we all are unknowingly compromising on health.

In a world which is virtually connected 24*7 through technology we have never been so alone.

Smartphones, considered to be the biggest break through in the world of technology is  now considered as the biggest source of distraction in our life’s. Take Email for an example which was created for the purpose of better communication at a workplace, is now the biggest reason behind people’s evasion from a one-to-one interaction. The good aspects are being offset by flaws, which most users are unable to even realize.

Given below are some examples of daily technological abuse that we do.

Binge watching: 

In an era of Video on demand, subscription-based viewership, all you need to watch your favorite movie or TV series is an internet connection.

Have you considered about the harm it causes ?

Not only it puts strains on our eyes which is obvious but it also reduces your mind’s ability to wait and control its senses. Auto play the feature present in most of the application and websites today, forces us to consume more media by simply playing the next video in queue before we close the app.

Smartphones and Melatonin:

Melatonin, is a chemical released by the body to ensure sound sleep. However, the light from your smartphone during night time reduces its production. As a result, you are sleep deprived. And if you aren’t aware of the ill effects of sleep deprivation well you will soon realize when you will feel mid-day energy crunch, tiredness throughout the day and overall productivity going down.

Technology is limiting our ability to choose and diminishing choices:

Online shopping is becoming famous these days, pertaining to the fact that people believe it offers wide range of choices. Suggestions are provided to you depending upon your previous search patterns and there by limiting you to search as per your will. This is one of the biggest examples of choice reduction.

Another example can be of using a news app and on the very initial day, you select to read news from the sports section because it was a Final match of an ongoing tournament. Next day you might not want to read news related to sports however your so-called smart gadget couldn’t detect it and it presents you with the news of the same category. And before you reach out to a news that you might be actually are interested to read you will end up wasting your valuable time.

Technology & FOMO:

Fear of missing out, is one of the biggest threat to our generation. Compulsive checking of social media feeds has resulted in decreased patience, anger control issues and problems beyond imagination. We scroll through Facebook feeds 100 times a day just to ensure that we don’t miss out on anything shared by our social circle. Even the people with whom we haven’t talked in years knowing about them and seeing their photos, the status update is one of our daily tasks. Why is it even necessary for you? Have you ever tried to answer that ?? The answer is simple, FOMO have taken over you and it’s high time that you get out of it asap.

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